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Action Center
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Welcome to the Vote Althea Garrison action center! This is your direct link to helping Althea win! Here you can write letters to the editor advocating her campaigns and petitions, you can be informed about events that will be taking place for Althea Garrison and most importantly you can become a Garrison Team Leader.
You can become a Garrison Team Leader by filling out an online form. The goal is to have 10 or more members in your team who become leaders, when you achieve this goal you will get a phone call directly from Ms Garrison.
As a leader you have many actions that you can do to help Althea win her upcoming campaigns. For every completed action you will get points, every time you receive 20 points you will receive a phone call directly from Althea Garrison. For 40 points you will have your name written at the top of our website and in our newsletter thanking you.
Team Leader will be a very exciting new asset to this website, it will be under construction for quite a while, however feel free to use the action center pages that are finished.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.


Vote Althea Garrison
Phone 1: (617) 731-9121
Phone 2: (617) 407-7661