Althea Garrison for State Representative 2006

Althea Garrison's Agenda
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Althea Garrison's Agenda

Althea Garrison will be a tireless worker for senior citizens. She is committed in helping their problems especially in transportation and medication issues. She has a wonderful record in this issue, while all the usual bureaucratic Boston City Council hopefuls were speaking with no sense but lies she visited a senior citizens home and helped a Russian lady to have her transportation to the hospital in time.
Currently, Ms Garrison has made a petition for there to be speed bumps and safety signs on Washington Street in Brighton to protect senior citizens from a dangerous road where many elderly were hit by cars.
Althea Garrison has recently written a letter to Governor Mitt Romney asking him to reduce prices on Boston's MBTA. Ms Garrison is committed to improving the transportation system in Boston and working tirelessly to defeat fare increases until the MBTA drastically improves  transportation service and upgrades MBTA stations citywide.
Althea Garrison will work tirelessly to improve the economy and create jobs. As a State Representative, Althea had a 100% voting record for working families and the working poor and helped to negotiate a contract for more than 10,000 employees.
Althea will be a bellwether for veterans and veteran's services.
Althea Garrison is one of the most qualified candidates for Boston local office. Currently working in the State Comptroller's office in human resources, she is the right person for a local office. Althea Garrison is one of the most concerned citizen living in Boston, calling the City Hall about 5 times per day and writing so many letters to the editor that some newspapers won't post them anymore!
Althea received an A.S. degree from Newbury Junior College
B.S.B.A. degree from Suffolk University
M.S. degree from Lesley Graduate University
C.S.S. degree from Harvard University

This is the petition mentioned in section: Elderly

We the undersigned senior citizens and residents of Patricia White Apartments at 20 Washington Street in Brighton and the surrounding senior citizen building nearby we are duly voters of Ward 21 and we hereby petition the City of Boston Transportation Department and Commissioner DeAmato of the Transportation Department to install and erect safety signs that read,

Slow, senior citizens cross street frequently

and speed bumps.

Whereas speeding vehicles at the following street poses a danger and hazard to senior citizens crossing streets frequently at the following location.

Whereas, one senior citizen was hit by a speeding vehicle be it resolve that the City of Boston Traffic Department erect and install speed bumps and a slow sign to slow traffic at Washington Street and Corey Road in Brighton.

Vote Althea Garrison 617-731-9121 617-407-7661